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The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHR) is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to cultivating a dialogue between rehabilitation professionals and the disability community to explore the human condition as people experience the impact of illness or disability. We seek to bring a more humanistic approach to health care by encouraging an enlightened level of understanding between patient and practitioner. We do this to help enable each individual’s maximum healing process.

Connecting the Disability Community

JHR does not charge for author submissions or reader subscriptions. We depend on sponsorships, grants, and donations from community members to build this singular platform that supports engagement with the disability community and embraces the intersection of the humanities and the health sciences.

Giving Advances Our Vision

Giving to JHR helps to support critical operating costs, including copy editing, IT/web development and maintenance, and payment to graduate assistants on our editorial staff.

Additional support will:

  • Allow development of innovative digital projects
  • Support creation of interdisciplinary graduate assistantships in digital health humanities
  • Fund scholarship programs to engage rehabilitation-related visual and performing artists
  • Facilitate involvement of community and patient/caregiver advisory councils
  • Support teaching and research missions of the journal
  • Expand domains of expertise in humanities scholarly work
  • Invest in engaging technology in pedagogy and research
  • Foster awareness of the integration of humanities into rehabilitation care.

How to Donate

Both in-kind and cash donations are welcomed. When donating, please indicate if you want your gift to be used for a specific purpose (eg, IT/web development) or for general needs.

Donation Levels

  • Philanthropist – For donations of $10,000+
  • Visionary – For donations of $5,000+
  • Creator – For donations of $1,000+
  • Patron – For donations of $500+
  • Friend – For donations up to $499

Ways to Support JHR

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors



National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers

Pt Pal

Jackson Fine Art




Creator Level

Ruth Purtilo

Rebecca L. Craik

Rutgers University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (Nancy Kirsch, Mr. Gabriel Mercadal)

Tom Wardell

Steve and Lois Wolf

Mercedes DePadua



Gail Jensen



Nancy Lehrer

Samir Rama and Ashvini Belagaje

Dr. Doris J. Armour

Marsha Bidgood

Rob and Alice Blanton

Donna Smith and Denise Peters

Angela Fritz

Maggie Fritz

Sally Brooks

Aimee Reiss

Andrew Butler

David and Connie Wadsworth

Laura and John Warner

Bristol Anesthesia Services PC-Marilyn Goldstein, MD

Dr. Craig and Brennan Rockett

Gay and Shelton Hillman

Mike Ladd

Jim and Catherine Bowie

Raymond and Margaret Feierabend

William King

Patricia and George Phillips

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