Critical Research and Perspectives

Critical Disability Studies With Rehabilitation: Re-thinking the human in rehabilitation research and practice

In this Perspective, Donya Mosleh, PhD argues for a new mode of scholarly practice that recognizes and addresses tensions between two fields that seemingly occupy opposite ends of a continuum. In order to promote a more productive engagement, critical disability studies with rehabilitation sciences unsettles knowledge relations that position these two fields as oppositional and incompatible....

Finding Help: Exploring the accounts of persons with disabilities in Western Zambia regarding strategies to improve their situation

The main focus of rehabilitation is to provide help to those who need it. But does the Western definition of “help” always apply in other regions? In “Finding Help: Exploring the Accounts of Persons With Disabilities in Western Zambia…,” Shaun R. Cleaver and colleagues present the concept of help in a completely new light, and offer suggestions for a more societally-based approach to healing....

Introducing a New Section of JHR Dedicated to ‘Critical’ Rehabilitation Research and Scholarship

Jenny Setchell, PhD, BScPT and Barbara Gibson, PhD are co- editors of a new section in JHR dedicated to publishing research and scholarship that employ critical perspectives on rehabilitation. They seek submissions applying critical, post structural, or postmodern theories including original research, think pieces, and theoretical discussions of the philosophical basis of rehabilitation practices, education and/or research....
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