Use of a Patient-Educator to Train Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Regarding Sexuality and Disability

In this thought-provoking article, Cara Felter, PT, DPT, MPH describes a paired approach between a faculty member and an individual with a spinal cord injury to teach physical therapy students about sexuality and disability, and offer guidance for speaking with patients about this sensitive subject....

Mind Mapping: Using Visual Thinking to Improve Patient Care and Quality of Life

Phillip Kellogg, SPT, and Ali Nogi, PT, DPT, present an overview of the practice of Mind Mapping—a visual-thinking tool used for organizing information. Citing Dr. George Huba’s use of Mind Mapping to support his independence as he lives with dementia, the authors make the case for the technique’s effective application in healthcare and rehabilitation....

Piloting an Undergraduate Survey Course in Medical Humanities and Social Medicine: Lessons, Tradeoffs, and Institutional Context

Eileen P. Anderson-Fye, EdD, and colleagues report on the development of a pilot undergraduate survey course that offered an overview of disciplinary approaches to health across the humanities and social sciences—and provided rich rewards to participating students. ...
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