Sarah Caston, PT, DPT, NCS

Sarah Caston is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina. She teaches Diagnosis and Management of Neuromuscular Conditions, Clinical Practice Measures 2, and Psychosocial Issues in Rehabilitation. Sarah attended undergraduate school at the University of Pittsburgh, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Science, and is a 2011 graduate from Emory University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She underwent further training in a neurologic residency program through Mercer University, where she practiced in multiple disciplinary units within the Shepherd Center. She continued her clinical practice for several years at the Shepherd Center with a disciplinary focus on Spinal Cord Injury and obtained her Neurologic Clinical Specialization in 2013. Areas of future scholarly interest include community based research on populations of individuals in rural (international and local) regions and their lived experience with neurologic disability. Sarah travels to a rural community in Jamaica every year in conjunction with FORU, a not for profit organization that promotes healing and increased awareness through education, spiritual and social services to the community of Ridge, which is located in the mountainous region of St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. Sarah’s interest in the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation has grown through her experiences in treating patients and serving families who are survivors of catastrophic injuries. Her passion for global health initiatives for people living with neurologic disability in international under-served areas, align with the mission and intent of this journal. It is her hope and desire that JHR will be a well utilized resource for health care practitioners in increasing social disability awareness, and a venue to more deeply explore the daily experiences of those who live with a disability.