Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Humanities in Rehabilitation Scholarship Fund

Created by his family, this scholarship honors the life and impact of Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD by supporting an annual position for a graduate assistant to serve on the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation.


Often described as the model of a southern gentleman, Dr. Blanton was known for his keen intellect, continual pursuit of knowledge, and sincere gratitude towards others. As a physician he was respected for both his skill and compassion, understanding that he had as much opportunity to heal with his kindness as cure with his scalpel. His deep love for the humanities – in particular poetry and literature – brought a beauty and richness to his interactions, fostering connections and deepening his understanding of others.


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Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD

Candidates for this scholarship should exemplify the character of Dr. Blanton and should be aligned with his life mission, specifically a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge in the humanities, a deep desire to foster awareness of humanities in health professions and a gentle kindness and compassion in relating with others.


To Donate to this Scholarship Fund, go to the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation Sponsorship page to directly make your submission. After you select gift amount, click on “Honor/Memory Instructions” – Mark “in memory of Frank Blanton” and JHR will be notified of that gift designation.

Scholarship Recipients

Madison Beasley

2023 Recipient

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work on the JHR. This experience has provided me with great insight on how the humanities can be incorporated into my practice as a future clinician. As I pursue a career in physical therapy, I am looking forward to having discussions surrounding the use of the humanities within the healthcare system to provide holistic care.”

Jamie Fleshman

2022 Recipient

“I feel closer to other people when I know their story and they know mine. It is this deeper
knowing and exploration of the relationship between self/others that drew me to integrating
the humanities in my physical therapy practice. I am grateful to the JHR and the many
opportunities for mentorship that have continued to support me in my development as a
patient-centered healthcare provider.”

Eric Holshouser

2021 Recipient

“Being a part of JHR was like a breath of fresh air through which I’ve come to learn that understanding the human experience is foundational to making positive change in the world. As a recipient of this scholarship, I am inspired to always put kindness and compassion first as I seek to make an impact as a physical therapist and beyond. The articles of JHR will always be a part of my heart as I pursue a career as a clinician and an entrepreneur.”

Amy Samuelson

2020 Recipient

“Working with JHR as a physical therapy student developed values instilled in me at a young age. One of those values is being present with others to deepen understanding.  As both a student and as a practicing therapist, JHR taught me to dive deeper and appreciate the humanistic side of physical therapy. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Taking the time to listen to our patients and family allows us to bridge the gap between health and humanities. Most of us have had, or will need a helping hand at least once in our lives. By understanding the human experience, we will only strengthen our ability to pay it forward.”

Melissa McCune

2019 Recipient

“The funding provided by this scholarship has been influential in allowing me to develop the type of skill set that is going to set me apart from other first-year clinicians entering the field. I am doing things I never thought were possible as a DPT student – from writing and publishing articles to sitting at the table with some of the most impressive visionary leaders in our field.”

Nathalie Angel

2018 Recipient

“I grew up in South Florida amid a tight knit immigrant family who understood the value of diversity. Working with JHR as a student helped me connect these underlying values with my passion for rehabilitation by emphasizing how different perspectives and experiences work to strengthen my rehabilitation practice.”

Emma Goldberg

2017 Recipient

“My time as a student with JHR facilitated so many unique experiences, and exposed me to a world that encouraged me to stay curious and go deeper into the things that intrigued me. … I’m currently working as a physical therapist at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA and I’m excited to use the skills I’ve learned through JHR to help bring art into Grady. It’s an important step to begin bridging the gap between health and the humanities.”

Stephanie Larson

2016 Recipient

“Working with JHR has introduced me to a wonderful network of people and has given me confidence in my own abilities and instincts. I hope to continue to broaden the understanding of the humanities in health-related fields by integrating the digital humanities and interdisciplinary skills I have learned from working with JHR.

Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Scholarship Donors

Thank you to all of those who have made this opportunity possible!

  • Frank S. Blanton Family
  • David and Connie Wadsworth
  • Laura and John Warner
  • Maggie Fritz
  • Bristol Anesthesia Services, PC
  • Marilyn J. Goldstein, MD
  • Craig and Brennan Rockett
  • Gay and Shelton Hillman
  • Andrew Butler
  • Mike Ladd
  • J.D. Bowie
  • Raymond and Margaret Feierabend
  • Sally Brooks
  • William King
  • Merceditas Z. de Padua
  • Steve and Lois Wolf
  • Samir Rama Belagaje
  • Dr. Doris J. Armour
  • Marsha Bidgood
  • Nancy Lehrer
  • Tom and Susan Wardell
  • Donna and Denise Peters
  • Weesie Walker
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