The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHR) is excited to launch its Ambassador Program for graduate students.  The JHR strives to raise the consciousness and advance the intellect on humanism in rehabilitation through an interdisciplinary approach. Our mission is to encourage dialogue among rehabilitation professionals, patients, families and caregivers that describe the human condition as it experiences the impact of illness or disability. We hope to highlight and illustrate the special relationship between the patient and rehabilitation provider, as well as provide a venue for scholarly discourse on topics that focus on rehabilitation from the uniquely human perspective that patients and providers share. To that end, we invite graduate students from all disciplines to take part of the Ambassador Program in order to start these important conversations at their university and further the mission of the journal.

An Ambassador will be both a representative of their respective university and the journal. The following is expected from JHR Student Ambassadors:

  • Be committed to serving in the role of Ambassador for 12 months
  • Host at least two programmatic events over the course of your tenure. Some examples of potential events include:
    • A lunch time presentation about the JHR and the growing body of knowledge on humanities and rehabilitation sciences
    • A film screening of a movie that may be a compliment to your coursework, for example 100 Meters (a film about a man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who responds by training for an Ironman) or Genius of Marian (a documentary about the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the family – see JHR review, July 2015) at your university and post–film discussion about patient implications, the human spirit etc.
  • Disseminate information about the JHR’s “Call for Papers”, contests and other opportunities to faculty and students at your University
  • Have a semesterly check-in phone call with a JHR graduate editorial associate

This role is ideal for someone who:

  • Is invested in advancing the mission of the JHR
  • Is self-directed, creative and passionate about the intersection between the humanities and rehabilitation sciences
  • Can cultivate discussions and host events around humanities and rehabilitation at their university and/or their communities

How to Apply:

For graduate students interested in applying to be an Ambassador for The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation at their respective Universities, please fill out the PDF form attached and email to Dr. Sarah Blanton at jhrsubmissions [at] listserv [dot] cc [dot] emory [dot] edu.


For any questions, please direct them to the current Graduate Editorial Associate [at] jhr [dot] grad [dot] gmail [dot] com.