Partnering with business to re-imagine humanism in rehabilitation    


JHR has adopted an innovative publishing model providing our content at no cost to both subscribers and authors. This unique approach allows accessibility internationally and across scholarly disciplines while also enabling us to connect more fully with the individuals and families we serve as rehabilitation professionals.  We are grateful for the generous support of our corporate sponsors that support our sustainability and help extend the outreach of the journal.  We seek to partner with businesses who adopt a corporate mission to foster humanism and have a broad vision of their role in societal well-being.


JHR primary sponsorship is from Emory University Division of Physical Therapy (  and Emory University Center for Digital Scholarship

Photo of Wessie Walker“I think every equipment business leader, healthcare administrator and insurance provider should have a copy of JHR on their desk .  Humanities are so important to remind us who we are and why we do what we do.”

Weesie Walker, ATP/SMS
Executive Director
NRRTS Fellow

“The complexity of people cannot be siloed to fit into predefined datasets, we need to be ready for the grey areas and it is the humanist perspective that will give life-changing strength to all datasets.”

Naveen Khan
Pt Pal

“Understanding of the humanities and an appreciation of the arts makes for a more engaging and empathic caregiver. You can understand the science behind medicine or an illness but you have to understand all the parts of the person you are treating and what is in their spirit to really understand how to treat the overall human being, both mentally and physically.

Your gift as doctors is the ability to heal but the gift of humanities offers a unique insight and exploration to the overwhelming mystery of how each individual perceives the world.”

Anna Walker Skillman

“The JHR provides continued inspiration for us at MapHabit as we seek to restore dignity and independence for individuals living with dementia and disabilities. The Journal is a great reminder to all healthcare providers honoring the human experience is crucial for successful outcomes.”

Matt Golden
Co-founder & CEO

Giving Advanced our Vision

Giving to JHR helps to support critical operating costs, which include copy editing, IT/web development and maintenance, and graduate assistants on JHR editorial staff.


Additional support will:

  • allow development of innovative digital projects
  • support creation of interdisciplinary graduate assistantships in digital health humanities
  • fund scholarship programs to engage rehabilitation-related visual and performing artists
  • facilitate involvement of community and patient/caregiver advisory councils
  • support teaching and research missions of the journal
  • expand domains of expertise in humanities scholarly work
  • invest in engaging technology in pedagogy and research
  • foster awareness of the integration of humanities into rehabilitation care.


Both in-kind and cash donations are welcomed by the JHR. When donating you are welcome to indicate how you want your donation to be used (e.g. IT/web development), including being put towards new initiatives, programming or scholarships.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Philanthropist – For donations of $10,000+
  • Visionary – For donations of $5,000+
  • Creator – For donations of $1,000+
  • Patron – For donations of $500+
  • Friend – For donations of $499 or less
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