Phillip Kellogg, SPT

Phillip Kellogg, SPT, is a second-year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Emory University and a Graduate Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation. During Phillip’s time as a DPT student, he has helped create the first JHR Film Screening events, featuring films such as Life. Support. Music. and Enter the Faun. These events have increased student engagement with the humanities and created opportunities for students to discuss topics of disability and rehabilitation. His passion for humanities stems from his understanding of movement as multidimensional and integral to the physical, psychosocial and artistic aspects of human nature. Phillip plans to continue exploring creative ways of satisfying humanity’s innate and diverse movement needs. His hope is that inclusive and integrative approaches to optimizing human movement will lead to improved physical well-being, greater community engagement and self-expression allowing for more fulfilling lives.

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