David W. M. Taylor, PT, DPT

David W. M. Taylor, PT, DPT is a Clinical Associate Professor and the Director of Clinical Education in the Department of Physical Therapy at Mercer University. He received his undergraduate and professional physical therapy education at Emory University. He is a Board-certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy Emeritus and a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academies of Practice. Dr. Taylor has practiced clinically and in academia for over 30 years in a variety of settings, across the continuum of care, with an emphasis on aging adults and fall prevention. His publications and presentations address interprofessional education, geriatric physical therapist practice, and fall prevention. He sees the humanities as necessary to help health professions students and faculty understand and appreciate the aging experience of the person they may care for. He believes visual arts are an effective medium for exploring the human condition and age-friendly healthcare for older adults. Dr. Taylor is a member of ENGAGE, which is part of Georgia GEAR, a multi-institute partnership whose goal is to improve clinical care and quality of life for older adults and their families in Georgia.

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