Susan W. Miller, B.S. Pharm, PharmD

Susan W. Miller, B.S. Pharm, PharmD is a Professor and holds the Hood-Meyer Alumni Endowed Chair in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Mercer University. She received the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree and the Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University. She has more than 40 years of experience as a clinician and academic pharmacist in the areas of geriatrics, medication therapy management, and aging. Her publications and presentations are in the areas of consultant (long-term-care) pharmacy practice, geriatric pharmacotherapy, drug safety, and curriculum development. She sees the humanities as an important consideration in the provision of interdisciplinary patient-centered care for the older adult and their caregivers. She believes that visual arts are a key medium for learners to use to explore the life experiences of older adults. Dr. Miller is a member of ENGAGE, which is part of Georgia GEAR, a multi-institute partnership whose goal is to improve clinical care and quality of life for older adults and their families in Georgia.

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