Gayla Elliott M.A., A.T.R.

Gayla Elliott M.A., A.T.R. is an art therapist with a long career of working in the field of trauma recovery. In her more than 30 years of providing art therapy services in many clinical settings, prior to moving to Colorado she spent nine years working with active duty military at Camp Lejeune Naval Medical Center, North Carolina, in the mental health and traumatic brain injury clinics. In November 2018, Gayla joined the Marcus Institute for Brain Health team, where she continues to develop and design the creative arts therapy programming for Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury. Art therapy at the Marcus Institute incorporates mindfulness-based, insight-oriented techniques, as well as somatic-based approaches to tap into the patients’ creative resources, enhancing and promoting healing for body, mind, and spirit. Gayla is an artist, writer, musician, and lover of the outdoors. She lives in Aurora, Colorado with her daughter.

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