Gen Allen

Gen Allen is a college graduate, retired government employee, mother of two lovely adults, grandmother to three incredible children, wife of 38 years to a wonderful man, and a new “Mom” to a 17-week-old husky / lab puppy. Having gone through the challenging cancer and lymphedema journey, she wants and needs to share her knowledge and experience to ease the path for others by listening, sharing, providing tools, and empowering them. While starting her fight with cancer in 2005, she began her journey with lymphedema in 2006. In speaking with colleagues, she was encouraged to write her story in the departmental electronic newsletter to help others and bring awareness. In 2007, she wrote “Journey Back” for her department and it was also later published in the magazine Women of Wisdom (April 2007). Later, in 2008, she wrote “Symmetry, body and soul,” also for her department. These stories provided an excellent learning tool for others and opened the door to many conversations. Helping others helped her journey as well. She continually strives to learn as her lymphedema and cancer change, all the while sharing her knowledge and experiences with others while really listening to them and hopefully offering them skills and tools to help empower them and make their journey easier.

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