Garrett Trummer, DPT

Garrett Trummer, DPT is the CEO of Outlaw Physio, located in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Garrett is a dedicated physical therapist with a passion for optimizing the health and performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Holding dual Board Certifications as a Sports Clinical Specialist and Orthopedics Clinical Specialist, Garrett brings a wealth of expertise to his practice. An advocate for comprehensive care, Garrett emphasizes the importance of a strong therapeutic alliance and incorporates psychology-informed techniques into his physical therapy approach. He is frequently invited to lecture at Alabama physical therapy schools, covering topics such as health and wellness, therapeutic alliance, and the intersection of psychology in physical therapy. In addition to his clinical work, Garrett is actively involved in clinical research. One of his notable studies explores the impact of swearing on therapeutic alliance, patient confidence, and the overall patient experience, shedding light on innovative approaches to patient care. At the core of Garrett’s practice philosophy lies his emphasis on the clinician’s understanding of the impact that psychology and humanities have on patient outcomes.

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