Kathryn Paulson, Poet

My name is Kathryn Paulson. I am a seven-year TBI survivor. I fell on black ice, fractured my skull, and had a subarachnoid hemorrhage on the temporal lobe of my right side. My recovery has included some of the typical therapies, but when I started writing poetry in October of 2020, I began to heal in ways traditional therapy never touched. I feel seen, while regaining an identity as someone other than a person with TBI. Poetry helps me understand myself better and has allowed me to help fellow survivors. My poems have been published in Rattle, TBI Hope and Inspiration and Poets Choice. Along with the Thursday Night Poets, I have contributed to two chapbooks: “I Don’t Think I Did This Right,” published in 2022, and “Poetry is Chocolate,” published in 2023. We are currently working on our third book. With my work at the Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin ( I continue to be an advocate for brain injury survivors, families, and caregivers.

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