Marta Tymchenko, BS

Marta Tymchenko, BS works as a medical assistant at a pain management practice. She is a proud graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and Health Professions, along with a minor in Bioethics and Humanities. Through her minor, she has gained passion in advocating for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients in the healthcare field, as some of her dear family members identify as LEP patients themselves. She finds the importance of humanity in addressing language barriers faced in the simplicity of a patient office visit. Her piece depicts socio-cultural assumptions with LEP patient visits and an empowering patient-provider relationship, where clear communication is reassured and made a priority for the patient’s care. You can find her connecting with patients with a welcoming smile hidden behind her mask and listening intently. Acknowledgement: The author would like to thank Michele Mekel for supporting her throughout her creative journey.

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