Rebecca Gene Crockett

Rebecca (“Bekka”) Crockett is a dual degree DPT-MPH candidate at Emory University. This reflection was written following her summer field experience in Punta Gorda, Belize as part of a scholarship from Emory’s Global Health Institute. Born in New Orleans, Rebecca Crockett followed a scholarship to Emory University where she earned her B.A. in Sociology and Spanish. After a year of full immersion teaching English in Southern Spain’s school system, Rebecca returned to Emory to complete her professional training. As a DPT-MPH graduate student, she loves applying the textbook knowledge to student-led community initiatives, including those that address childhood obesity and physical impairments — both in English and Spanish. Ultimately, Rebecca strives to advocate for persons with physical disability by working to address barriers imposed by not only their bodies but also by the societies in which they live. When she’s not trying to save the world, Rebecca loves to explore new places and new foods, especially quirky brunch spots. And when she’s just downright tired, she can be found on the couch snuggling with pup Toulouse and cats Fat Marty and Stinky Pete.

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