Sarah Caston, PT, DPT

Sarah Caston, PT, DPT is an assistant professor and assistant director of clinical education at Emory University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Dr. Caston is an alumnus of Emory University’s DPT Program, and received her bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She serves on the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy’s Consortium for the Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism, and chairs its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. As a clinical educator, Dr. Caston weaves a humanities focus and narrative reflections into her teaching of geriatric and neurologic rehabilitation. She has a deep interest in helping students explore their perspectives, and challenge biases, through the incorporation of narrative reflections and humanities-based creative work. In a course co-developed with colleague Dr. Sarah Blanton, Beyond the Diagnosis: Psychosocial Topics in Rehab Through the Lens of the Humanities, Dr. Caston promotes self-exploration and professional formation utilizing narrative and engagement in the humanities. She co-directs Emory DPT’s Learning Community Program, which promotes student-faculty connections, and directs research on practical methods for improving student well-being. Dr. Caston’s scholarly interests include the intersection of the lived experience of individuals with rehabilitation education and practice, ethics in rehabilitation, and DPT student well-being. She is passionate about social justice, and promotes humanities practices and student self-reflection around the lived experiences of individuals in marginalized populations.

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