Collaborating Across Borders V – October 1, 2015

Collaborating Across Borders V – October 1, 2015

Voices, Faces, and Relationships: Using Humanities to Facilitate IPE with the Rehabilitation Professions

The JHR Editorial Board led a discussion group at the  Collaborating Across Borders V conference in Roanoke, Virginia October 1. The theme of the conference was “ The Interprofesssional Journey: Advancing Integration and Impact”





This discussion group explored how the humanities might facilitates interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessiona collaborative practice (IPCP). In addition, the discussion group will address how the humanities could further facilitate IPE and IPCP with and about rehabilitation professionals


The complexities of health care require working together as a cohesive team, not in silos, protecting out “staked out professional territory” but collaboratively in a non-threatening environment. The humanities (art, literature, music) provide a shared neutral platform, supporting the team as they come together to reflect on tough, value-laden issues. A handful of journals is currently devoted to humanities in medicine and nursing. Noticeably absent from this group is a focused publication representing rehabilitation sciences where team-based care has a long legacy and tradition. In the current healthcare environment, the ability to see situations from multiple frames of reference, deal with uncertainty, and engage in critical self-reflection is more important than ever. The humanities offers an opportunity to explore the shared experience of the interpersonal relationship common to all disciplines. Art and literature, music and poetry, all provide avenues to delve deeply together in our search for meaning in the face of disability and suffering.

This discussion group will focus on identifying and discussing key elements in the role of the humanities to facilitate IPE and IPCP and gain a greater understanding of the human experience of disability and healing.

Facilitation Methods:

Group discussion will be facilitated through small-group and large format addressing questions and issues posed by the presenters and participants. The presenters will also provide illustrations and examples from the online Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation as a basis for discussing how this type of material may facilitate IPE and IPCP.

Primary authors : Dr. BLANTON, Sarah (Emory Rehabilitation Hospital, Division of Physical Therapy)

Co-authors : Dr. SWISHER, Laura Lee (University of South Florida) ; Dr. GREENFIELD, Bruce (EmoryUniversity School of Medicine) ; Dr. KIRSCH, Nancy (Rutgers School of Health RelatedProfessions) ; Dr. JENSEN, Gail (Creighton University)

Presenter : Dr. SWISHER, Laura Lee (University of South Florida) ; Dr. GREENFIELD, Bruce (Emory University School of Medicine)

Track classification : Learner, patient/ client, caregiver and community voices

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