Special Call for Submissions

Special Call for Submissions

Special Call for Submissions

The Historical Perspectives in Art Section is open to scholars and clinicians who are interested in researching art history as it broadly relates to rehabilitation medicine. Areas of interest include anatomy, disease, illness, health, the cultures of rehabilitation science and of the clinic, medical education, history of medicine, disability, physical limitations, trauma, and power relations as these are represented and interpreted in visual art. See past issues for content examples at:

Articles submitted to the Historical Perspectives in Art Section of The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation undergo a rigorous peer review process; however, they will not undergo blinded reviews. After an author submits an article, two members of the editorial staff will review the submission and determine whether it might be an appropriate fit for the journal. The editorial staff will then send the article to two external peer reviewers (one who specializes in art history, and one who specializes in the rehabilitative sciences). Authors should verify the permissions status of any associated media. Authors are responsible for acquiring the rights to use all media.

We hope that you will reflect on your experiences in the humanities of rehabilitation and consider submitting a piece to our journal. If you have an idea of an event or experience, but are unsure of how it might fit into our format, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Interested contributors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts/papers/works of art to the editorial staff via e-mail.  Click here to send an email, or use the address jhrsubmissions [at] listserv [dot] cc [dot] emory [dot] edu. Please indicate the name of the journal (The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation) in the subject box during submission via e-mail.

For any additional information, please contact the editoral staff at jhrsubmissions [at] listserv [dot] cc [dot] emory [dot] edu or click here to send an email to that address.

Sarah Blanton, PT, DPT, NCS
The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation

Instructions to Submit:

Please use jhrsubmissions [at] listserv [dot] cc [dot] emory [dot] edu for all submissions, c/o senior or managing editor with the name of the journal in the subject box.  Click here to send an email to that address.

For primarily textual submissions, please submit a Microsoft Word document (.docx, .doc) or, if your piece requires complex formatting, a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. All manuscripts must be formatted double-spaced, with pages and lines numbered. Please use 12-point font.

Please make sure to complete the Author Checklist and Author Response to Peer Review for each submission.

Please send separate image, sound, and video files, even if the media should appear embedded in the text.

Please see the Submissions Guidelines page for details on formatting, referencing and the peer review process for The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation. The managing editor of the journal will keep all authors informed as to the status of their submissions throughout the process. Published items will not be affiliated with a volume or issue but will be identified by date of publication.

Sarah R. Blanton, PT, DPT, Editor-In-Chief

Dr. Sarah Blanton is a Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 1987 with a BA degree in biology, from Emory University in 1992 with her masters in physical therapy and received her clinical doctorate in physical therapy in 2003. Dr. Blanton has had several research grants exploring the integration of caregivers into the rehabilitation process and her current research focus examines the impact of using a telehealth platform for the delivery of a theory-based, family-focused intervention program for stroke survivors and their carepartners in the home setting. Dr. Blanton’s Lab, DISCOVER (Digital Scholarship Enhancing Rehabilitation), explores various ways digital scholarship can enhance rehabilitation research, education and clinical practice and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Blanton is a Fellow of the National Academy of Practice in Physical Therapy. In 2018, she was awarded the American Physical Therapy Association Societal Impact Award and the Emory University Creativity and Arts award for healthcare faculty. Dr. Blanton’s interest in the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation stems from her ongoing exploration of the intersections of creativity and spirituality to gain insight into the human experience of suffering, joy and mystery. In her teaching, she has found the use of narrative to be an exceptionally powerful tool to foster reflection and personal insight for both students and patients. In her research, she is incorporating multi-media formats to develop family education interventions in the home environment. A photographer since childhood, she has enjoyed sharing her artwork through exhibits at Emory University, speaking with chaplaincy students on “Reflections of Art and Spirituality in Appalachia” and as a guest contributor to the Public Radio show, On Being.


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