David Bryan Lackey, MS

David is a published photographer and author in the Atlanta area. He has been happily married to Linda for more than 45 years and is a husband, father, and grandfather. In 1967, he began his academic career in Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, City and Regional Planning and, eventually, teaching as an adjunct in the School of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His technical career in land development evolved into the more creative endeavor of designing neo-traditional towns and cities where his work involved documentaries and architectural presentations. Along the way, story-telling, through photography and writing, became his passion as he saw his family growing and experiencing life in a similar manner as he experienced as a child. His life as a photographer became a labor of love. Currently, with Linda’s improvements in her physical and cognitive condition, and with her encouragement, David is moving forward in establishing himself in commercial photography. His emphasis is on portraiture, story-telling, and, especially, Fine Art in Healing.

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