Linda Lackey

Linda celebrated her 45th Wedding Anniversary in 2016 with her husband in their favorite mountain retreat in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park where they were married in 1971. She is a loving mother, with two children who have families of their own, and she is a grandmother with four grandchildren. She worked more than 25 years in the Finance Department with a local government until 2011 when she retired early due to medical reasons. In 2012, she suffered a major cardio vascular accident (stroke) and spent two years in various healthcare facilities undergoing therapy, which enabled her to eventually begin walking after several periods of time in a wheelchair. Today, Linda is continuing therapy at home with an emphasis on incorporating what she has learned and she continues to improve and live her life as “Linda,” a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, rather than solely as a patient. She is now working with her husband creating a new venture, “Studio INSPIRE!”, to share her experience and vision of hope and inspiration by providing others with digital portraits of their own healing.

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