Nela Handac, SPT

Nela Handac is a current DPT student in her third year at Emory University’s Physical Therapy program. Born in the midst of the Bosnian war, Nela came to America with her immediate family as refugees. Because of the displacement of her family into a new world, narrative storytelling was interwoven in every corner of her life. It was what she carried with her as she became more and more interested in the persistence of the human spirit through trauma and the commonalities of people around the whole world. As her interest for being a public servant through health intersected with her love of physical therapy and healing through movement, she found another commonality that delighted her about the rehab profession – we’re all just telling and listening to each other’s stories. And that is how we heal. Nela hopes to always have one hand on her patients and one hand holding onto the humanities as she develops professionally in her career as a physical therapist.

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