Stefano Campana, SPT

Stefano Campana, SPT is a second-year DPT student at Emory University. He is a co-chair of the Humanities Committee, collaborating with his fellow committee members and working closely with the JHR to find innovative ways to integrate the humanities into their DPT program. He is one of the authors of the committee’s bi-weekly newsletter, “DPT Humans.” He is most passionate about the committee’s “Patient Stories” series, where guest speakers are invited to share their story and answer participant’s questions. The purpose of these events is to get to know our guest speakers and learn from their unique perspectives as both patients and individuals. Stefano believes that these discussions help deepen our understanding and appreciation of our guest’s unique lived experience, and that listening to these stories is a fundamental part of becoming not only good providers capable of providing quality care, but also good people, capable of empathizing with people from all walks of life.

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