Colleen Greasley, MScPT

Colleen Greasley, MScPT is currently living in Japan at a ski resort, working as a physiotherapist in private practice at Nomad Wellness. She previously worked in Toronto in outpatient pediatrics at Toronto Kids Physio and with various inpatient populations at St. John’s Rehab. Colleen’s interest in fostering inclusion and diversity was initially sparked from volunteering with children and adults with various disabilities and progressed with learning more about how her (and others’) pervasive social locations — both privileged and unprivileged — played a role in her daily life throughout her studies, jobs, and when living or travelling abroad. Working in several different areas of physiotherapy with colleagues and clients occupying vastly differing social locations inspires Colleen to continue further her role in dismantling various systems of oppression in healthcare and beyond.

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